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About Us

Trust James George Tree Surgery & team to take care of your Arboricultural needs in a professional & expert manner


Trusted Locally

James George Tree Surgery has been established since 1999 and has built up a wide spreading client base to include both private clients and local council work, since relocating to Newbury in 2006.


Expert Knowledge

Our team has gained the experience to advise, recommend and offer solutions to all aspects of tree surgery and the necessary skill and resources to implement those recommendations.


Customer service

We pride ourselves on providing a personal and expert service with a vast range of experience and project sizes. We are a team of professionals that respect our customers privacy and property above all.


Trained & Certified

Our team are trained and certified to NPTC standards. Insurance and compliance with relevant safety standards is guaranteed. All treework carried out as per ‘BS 3998 recommendation for Tree Work.


Our wide range of experience & knowlegde enables us to deliver any size of project. From large on-going contacts to small one-off jobs.


Tree Dismantle & Fell

Basically this is the removable of a tree. Dismantling may be needed to reduce damage and may be necessary if there is no room to fell the tree.


Dead, dying, diseased or dangerous trees

To the untrained eye a tree in good health may be about to fail. If in doubt get a tree inspection done. You have a duty of care to protect others from your trees. Ignorance is no longer a valid excuse.


Crown thin, lift & reduce

Various treework to improve you and your neighbours enjoyment of their own properties and gardens, and also the health of the your tree.



Removal of weak, dying, or broken branches which pose a hazard.



Some species of tree benefit of having branches removed at regular intervals. It delays the trees maturity and keeps it in full vigour for longer.


Hedge Cutting

Hedges require formative pruning on planting, plus maintenance trimming to keep them within bounds. Pruning times vary depending on the type of hedge.


Fruit tree pruning

Horticultural techniques include the cutting and removing of parts of a fruit tree. To control growth, remove dead wood and stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit.


Stump Grinding

Complete removal of stump above and below ground.

Personal Recommendations Say It All...

James George Tree Surgery removed two large trees with great skill and care in addition to providing expert assistance at our local Nature Reserve ‘Herbert Plantation’.

He has skilfully felled a number of dangerous trees there for me, and is a valued member of the volunteer group.

I enthusiastically recommend him to my friends who might need his services. Customer-1Neil Bruce - Chairman of Herbert Plantation Management committee
James and his team have worked for me on many occasions in the last few years.

The work has ranged from simple tree pruning to taking down huge, dangerous trees and removing cable bracing.

On every occasion James has discussed all options with me and carried out the work in a very professional and friendly manor. Customer-2Alison Halford -
Burghclere Resident
James and his team maintain a regular contract with us. Mowing, strimming and taking enormous pride in thier work, the team has an amazing knowledge of trees.

I find James George Tree Surgery affordable, attentive, courteous and punctual and I particularly like the immaculate condition in which they leave work areas.
Customer-3Philip Flory - Treasurer to Burghclere with Newtown PCC

Meet James


I always wanted to work outdoors but it took me a while to get there. My first job was working on the Wentworth Golf course which I loved. A number of years ago I decided to take a risk and follow my heart and enrolled at Moulton college. Where I completed, with distinction, a two year course in Arboriculture. I have been a tree surgeon ever since.

Realising how much more I had to learn, I successfully obtained a Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture, the result of two years of hard, part time study at Merrist Wood College. The level four qualification which covers all aspects of Tree Surgery at a deep level is respected as a high level of achievement throughout the Industry.

I am also now employed at Capel Manor College, where I help run their apprenticeship programme. I particularly enjoy helping progressing young tree surgeons and passing on my enthusiasm and considerable experience. The college regularly send me on courses to ensure that I have all the latest information relevant to the industry to enable me to represent to college in the best possible light.

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